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How the Pandemic and Vaccine Distribution Has Driven Rapid Change in Policy & Procedure Management - April 28, 2021

A lot has changed – and continues to evolve the way healthcare leaders manage, review, and distribute policies and procedures as a result of COVID-19. During this webinar, Lee will discuss…

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The Pandemic & the Escalating Need for Mental Health Allies - How to Help- November 19, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting chaos has intensified many individuals' existing mental health conditions, pushing the U.S towards an impending mental health crisis. Knowing where to seek…

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The (Not So) Hidden Cost of Bias - September 15, 2020

Bias is present in all settings. However, in a healthcare organization, bias, diversity, and inclusive practices directly impact patient care, as well as organizational outcomes. Shifting diversity…

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HSTM Video Plus Features - MG 7/12/19

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