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Unlocking Organizational Performance: Moving from Transactional to Transformative Learning

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Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Creating an Effective Opioid Stewardship Program- March 9,2021

Listen as Meredith Gerland, Senior Director, Quality Innovation, of the National Quality Forum for this 60-minute webinar to learn how you can equip your organization with an effective opioid…

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Award-Winning Innovation Drives New Generation of Resuscitation Education-January 28, 2021

Hear Luther Cale, HealthStream's Vice President of Resuscitation, and Dr. David Markenson, Chief Medical Officer, American Red Cross Training Services, discuss how leading hospitals are taking…

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Avoiding a CIA: Optimizing the Relationship Between Revenue Cycle and Compliance - October 21, 2020

Too often, critical functions within healthcare organizations operate independently and separately, without interaction. These communication gaps are never more operationally painful than when an…

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Quadruple AIM Enhancing the Experience of Care - October 13, 2020

In pursuit of the Quadruple AIM, having access to superior, actionable clinical information at the point of care can elevate care. EBSCO Dynamic Health Decision Support delivers an optimal user…

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McKnight's Webinar- Struggling to Maintain Certifications While Socially Distancing

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Avoiding a CIA: How Optimizing the Relationship between Revenue Cycle and Compliance through Education and Communication can Mitigate the Risk of Enforcement Action

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The (Not So) Hidden Cost of Bias - September 15, 2020

Bias is present in all settings. However, in a healthcare organization, bias, diversity, and inclusive practices directly impact patient care, as well as organizational outcomes. Shifting diversity…

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Avoiding Burnout and Improving Culture- August 19, 2020

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Maintaining Certifications While Socially Distancing - August 18, 2020

COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of life, even CPR training. As more and more Instructor-led classes and training centers shut down or cancel, the ever-growing risk of unnecessary viral exposure…

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The smarter, more flexible way to deliver high-quality resuscitation- July 30, 2020

Survival rates have not improved for more than a decade averaging just below 26%. During that same time, there has been a 42% disparity in the odds of survival across similar healthcare organizations…

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General Kaltura Overview

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